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Active Silver Solution freedomhealthalliance

Active Silver Solution

Supporting the Immune System

Silver has long been recognized for generations due to its natural properties. Active Silver Solution is the most current advancement in silver technology. With a pH balance of over 7.4% Alkalinity, Active Silver Solution is embraced by the immune system over the older colloidal silvers that were acidic by nature.

Active Silver Solution works in harmony with the immune system… truly one of God’s most amazing creations. Formulated on a foundation of structured water, this process embeds the silver molecule within the water molecule and is charged to a specific frequency.

This carefully formulated Silver Solution is designed to repel the body's good natural bacteria which are covered by a lipid milk fat layer. Each bottle of Active Silver Solution contains no dyes, fillers or stabilizers. Active Silver Solution is a clear choice for overall natural well being and immune system support.

Premium X4 Vitamin D

Premium X4 Vitamin D

Supporting Healthy Bones

Vitamin D is a pro-hormone that is involved in many metabolic processes. In a natural setting, God gave your body the ability to make vitamin D from the sunlight on your skin. Unfortunately, due to diminished vitamins in our food supply, and people not spending ample time outdoors, your body is likely lacking natural Vitamin D. 

So, Premium X4 Vitamin D consists of 4 active ingredients acting in synergy to help replenish and revitalize your body: Vitamin D2, Vitamin D3, Oleic Acid(fatty acid) and Chondroitin Sulfate. That’s what makes X4 vitamin D one of the most balanced vitamin D supplements on the market.

Premium X4 Vitamin D may assist with:
• Maintaining a healthy heart
• Regulating healthy blood sugar levels
• Promoting healthy bones

Active Silver Gel

Active Silver Gel

Natural Topical Wellness

By embracing the elements of the Active Silver Solution… Active Silver Gel delivers a safe, natural, topical application that readily absorbs into the skin.

That’s why God made our skin the largest organ to receive His nutrients. Active Silver Gel is also balanced to work with the natural pH balance of the skin. A gel that’s acidic can leave the skin dry and cause cracking. Active Silver Gel promotes natural healing and is shelf ready for minor cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, bruises, and skin infections.

Active Silver Gel is formulated free of harmful additives such as formaldehyde, parfum, triethanolamine, tars dyes, or siloxanes. Active Silver Gel is also alcohol-free and contains no harmful petrochemicals. No other natural silver gel has a broad spectrum of natural benefits for you and your family.  

Next Generation Active MSM

Next Generation Active MSM

Joint Support

MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) has been widely documented for its natural properties. Our next Generation Organic Sulfur Crystals (Active MSM) are the purest available with absolutely no additives, no fillers, flow agents, or preservatives. There’s a wide range of reasons people take MSM. After all, Sulfur is the 3rd most abundant element that’s shown to help with:

• Maintaining joint health and flexibility
• Maintaining healthy immune function
• Maintaining healthy skin and hair

Next Generation Active MSM is a great addition to Trace Minerals, Silver, and Vitamin D for a healthy approach to supplementation.

Balance the Body's Natural Electrical Impulses

Trace Minerals

Balance the Body's Natural Electrical Impulses

Ionic minerals play a key role in a person’s overall well being. Our bodies naturally rely on Ionic and Trace Minerals to conduct and generate countless tiny electrical impulses on a daily basis. Without these impulses, not a single muscle, including the heart, is able to function.

That’s how God made us. Ionic minerals also play a role in regulating hormones, enzymes, amino acids, and the immune system. Trace Minerals are required to build and maintain the structure of the body, brain function, blood sugar, and pH balance, as well as keeping the intestines healthy and fully functioning.

Unfortunately, due to over-harvesting, over chemicalization, and a compromised food system, today’s food supply is lacking in natural minerals, and mineral supplementation is needed now more than ever.

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What's Making Me Sick?

America is standing on the edge of what promises to be a forever change. Social unrest, economic despair, and many other factors affecting our daily lives.

Now more than ever, people are suffering from numerous conditions due to some common denominators - over processed foods, stress, medications, chemical intake through foods, chemicals in cleaning and hygiene products. All of these foreign chemicals are wreaking havoc on the body and destroying our immune systems.

Stress, anxiety, poor diet, and lack of exercise are inflicting untold misery on the health of hard working Americans in a time where we need to be at our mental and physical best.

Freedom Health Alliance stands united with you and your family on a quest to make positive life changes.

Why are only 5 products listed on the website?

For one simple reason. After thoroughly researching the natural health community for products with decades of proven success, we found these products to be the foundation for anyone looking to make the positive health changes in their lives.

Restoring the body begins in the gut. Modern science continues to document the gut and digestive systems as the focal points to establishing good health.

We make no claims about healing, treating, or curing anything because we believe if you support the body, the body will heal itself.

Generations of scientific inquiry have established the natural properties of Silver, Vitamin D, Trace Minerals, and MSM as staples for promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Now is the time for you to take back control of your health. We're here to help and support you all the way.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Support your health and wellness.

Our Bodies Are All Miracles of Intelligent Design.

Freedom Health Alliance is committed to supporting the natural health and wellness of you and your entire family with products we value as gifts from our creator.

We Appreciate You Supporting Our Mission.

We stand in unity for everyone's freedom to choose, including the right to natural supplementation. Your support continues to help families in need and those medical professionals losing their voice in a system trying to suppress natural wellness.

A Moment Of Thanks

We are all in this together as we experience many prophetic occurrences each day. We thank those assisting us in spreading the vital message of natural health and our freedom to choose. 

Stephen Quayleâ„¢ is a nationally known radio host, photographer and author of a number of important books including Breathe No Evil, a primer for understanding bioterrorism, first published in 1996.

Steve Quayle

Author, Photographer, Radio Host
Survive2thrive and Coast to Coast


L. A. Marzulli is an author, lecturer and filmmaker. He has penned 12 books including The Nephilim Trilogy which made the CBA best sellers list.

LA Marzulli
Author, Lecturer, Filmmaker


Michael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years. Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog. Michael and his wife, Meranda, believe that a great awakening is coming and are working hard to help bring renewal to America.

Michael T. Snyder

Attourney of Law, Publisher
The Economic Collapse


David Vaughan Icke is a lecturer, speaker,  and a former footballer and sports broadcaster. Icke has written more than 20 books and has lectured in over 25 countries

David Icke

Lecturer, Speaker, Former Footballer,
Sports Broadcaster, Author


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