The Positive Effects of Big Pharma – One Person’s Journey

In this article we are going to change direction and take an approach to find the positive contributions provided to the population by big pharma.

Sorry, through various interviews and research we were unable to find any…

… BUT wait a minute.

This article started out as tongue-in-cheek.  It was going no further. 

But let's try to find the silver lining in our present dilemma... if there is one.

How many times do we find that when life confronts us with something dark and sinister in our path, we actually have an opportunity to grow?

It's rarely a pleasant experience but in the end we can let events like this make us better people.

First, we need to wake up and learn the truth.

From the time I was an infant, I became more or less dependent on pharmaceuticals to survive frequent periods of asthma and other illness through my growing years. I believed modern medicines were a miracle and were responsible for keeping me alive.

I didn't know any better and had no other alternatives. Then at one point in my adult years pharmaceuticals seemed to completely lose effectiveness.

It was scary because I couldn't breathe without them. 

Pressing circumstances then forced me to try other alternatives, and amazingly it was Traditional Chinese Medicine that came to the rescue.  Herbal tea and acupuncture pulled me through even better than pharmaceuticals ever had.

That was the start of a life changing experience that caused me to rethink my health.  I started reading and researching voices in alternative health.  This opened a whole new world of awareness in health and healing I never knew existed.

I learned that pharmaceuticals don't actually resolve the root causes of illness, but instead are designed to mask symptoms that are there for a reason.  I came to understand that the wool had been pulled over my eyes and my faith in the wonders of pharmaceuticals was not on a solid foundation.

It did not take long for me to realize, that learning to listen to my body and support its needs, was a true foundation for health.  Pharmaceuticals are rarely beneficial when we look at the body as a whole and discern how it really operates.

Now I wonder how it is I could ever have been so deceived or made so many unwise choices about my health. 

I'm just glad I now know. I needed to wake up to the realities of how things often operate in this world, and coming to grips with Big Pharma did do that for me.... It was hard, but it was a positive.

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