Your Body, Your Health, Your Freedom to Choose

Let’s face it,

 Our rights and freedoms are under attack like never before. 

We see sweeping changes happening across the globe due to the current health crisis. This accelerated plan is robbing people of their rights to assemble in public, provide a living for their family, and in many countries the ability to leave the home and exercise. We have quickly surrendered our rights and freedoms we all took for granted just a few short months ago.

We are also experiencing unconstitutional attacks on natural wellness.

Mainstream platforms are censoring the information available to us by blocking not just a conservative voice in medicine, but any voice that does not agree with “the official narrative”.

As human beings, we are granted rights to control what we put into and onto our bodies, if we choose a natural road to wellness, that's our choice. If we choose to put our trust in the medical system, that too is our choice. 

It’s My Body, It’s My Decision

Your body is a gift. Your free will and ability to think are also gifts. You are the caretaker of your body. It's your decision based on sound reasoning what to put in and on your body.

Each day we see more and more natural doctors being removed from the official narrative that is being pushed by large organizations (You know who they are). These doctors and health professionals have many years of research to their credit but are still under constant persecution by the mainstream media being labelled as “quacks” or “dangerous to society”, among many other labels.

This is the exact same persecution that was put forth in the early 1900s

(See article Petrochemicals and big pharma)

Doctors who stood their ground providing safe, natural, historic herbal remedies were a threat, and quickly stripped of their medical licenses, and in many cases were jailed.  Any and all institutions that failed to comply with the new “standards” were also shut down.

History tends to repeat itself. What we are witnessing today far exceeds the measures that were taken in the early 1900s to silence the voice of reason. Instead, we are facing bondage by these large corporations with no accountability to the truth and lust for profits. These large corporations “feel” that they are above the constitution and have the right to decide what is best for society. - All being driven in the name of profits -

These large corporations have also taken control of the mainstream media. Advertising of synthetic drugs has become prevalent in our society with a directive of “ask your doctor” in the mainstream advertising campaigns. 

A side note here is drug manufacturers experienced a tremendous gain in profits with the “ask your doctor” marketing approach. Prior to this, drug reps (salespeople) needed to travel to each individual doctor's office and pharmacy to try to get them to sell their products (as well as significant funds spent marketing within the medical journals). With the change of approach in marketing, they were able to turn the consumer into the salesperson specifically asking for these products and requesting the Doctor to write a prescription.

“Ask your doctor” has been a sinister campaign to push these synthetic medications through happy “feel good” commercials where the bulk of the narrative is focused on the side effects.

However, when a Natural Doctor takes to either social or mainstream media discussing a natural product, they are quickly demonized, blocked, fined, and in many cases charged criminally for “potentially harming” people with products that have thousands of years of research to their credit.

You have the right and freedom to choose the health of your family.

Freedom Health Alliance was created by a group of passionate “truth seekers” looking to deliver a message of wellness freedom.

We express our freedom by choosing natural wellness products for our families. It is our belief that the human body and our world was designed intelligently. This intelligent designer also gave us the gifts of natural supplementation and natural products to properly care for the body.

We base our belief in science and not a narrative that has been forced on society for the past 100 years in the name of profiteering.

We stand behind these Doctors and Medical Professionals who are being silenced by large corporations and will continue to fight for all of our rights and freedoms regarding the health of our bodies.

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