Freedom Health Alliance

Is a community dedicated to providing the most effective natural health products supporting the wellness of you and your family. 

Finding the best health products can be a challenge………. 

The connection to what you eat, how you feel, and your level of happiness is so important to pay attention to. Not only do we believe in being mindful to the planet by eating a plant-based diet, but we also believe in living mindful everyday with each other and with ourselves.

Our Dedication To You

We started as a passionate group seeking the finest products for the health of our families. Through our dedicated research, we have been able to secure direct relationships with some of the finest manufacturers of natural health products in America, that reflect and embrace our mission. Our manufacturing partners are all cGMP facilities (current Good Manufacturing Practices) in accordance with FDA regulations and uphold the highest dedication to delivering premium health products.

You will not see a Freedom Health Alliance or Next Generation label on any product that we do not use personally in our households.

Due to the current challenges facing the global economy. The team at Freedom Health Alliance ensures to deliver our customers only the finest natural health products at the fairest prices. We understand that many of our customers have been affected and our goal is to ensure that we do our best to support any and all families looking for natural health products. 

Our Cornerstones

Honoring our Creator

We believe that our bodies are miracles of intelligent design. We also believe that our creator designed our environment to provide the ability for our bodies to heal with the proper elements. We give the glory to God in every decision we make as a company, our dedication, and how we engage those around us. 


We are passionate about wellness and promise to deliver this passion in every product we offer our customers. 

You The Customer

We promise to embrace our customers with integrity, dedication, and loyalty to ensure they make the most informed decision regarding their health and wellness. 

Regulatory Compliance

We honor and comply with local, national, and international regulatory bodies governing the manufacturing of dietary supplements, cosmetics and over the counter pharmaceuticals. 

Continued Growth

We will continue to add new products for our customers based on feedback as well as sourcing the products that meet our standards as a company and dedication to our customers' needs. 

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