Our Dedication to Proper Languaging

Most, if not all customers today would like someone to clearly explain the benefits of natural health products. 

The products listed on the Freedom Health Alliance website are all embraced with a rich history widely discussed in scientific literature. 

The historical uses are widely documented and date back as far as thousands of years.

Why can we not say certain things?

Any company making such statements about a Dietary Supplement, or any product that the FDA has not approved for such claims, may be forced to do a market withdrawal (recall) and face further legal action by the FDA, FTC, or even the Attorney General.

A health claim is an explicit or implied characterization of a relationship between a substance and a disease or a health-related condition. A health claim or drug claim describes the effect a substance has on reducing the risk of or preventing a disease, e.g., “Calcium may reduce the risk of osteoporosis” or something “helps to prevent blindness.” This type of claim requires significant scientific agreement and must be evaluated and authorized by the FDA prior to use; such authorization is only provided to FDA-approved drugs. The approval process is lengthy and very expensive.

Freedom Health Alliance does not make claims about the dietary supplement products sold for these reasons. 

No warranty is made, expressed or intended, to convince the reader to expect these or similar benefits of any product sold by Freedom Health Alliance. The reader is encouraged to exercise his or her own judgment of the facts presented herewith.

This  is why our supplements are marketed under the general statement of “Immune Support*.”

A Structure/Function claim describes the role of a substance intended to maintain the structure or function of the body. Structure/function claims do not require preapproval by FDA.

Freedom Health Alliance products are marketed under the statement of “immune support*”; this does not mean that the product will replace the function of your immune system, nor will it be a magic bullet if your immune system is not functioning. Similarly, taking calcium will not create a bone where one does not exist, but taking it may likely contribute to bone health.