Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula
Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula
Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula
Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula
Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula

Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula


30 capsules - A blend of 7 strains of probiotic to help restore proper bacterial balance in gut.

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Balance of Natural Digestion


Promotes better cognitive function


Enjoy Improved Digestion

Take 1 capsule daily. By giving your body a dose of supportive healthy bacteria, you’re flushing out any imbalances of bad bacteria and choosing to optimize your 2nd brain. As a result you’ll likely feel mentally and physically clearer and experience an increase in happiness, well-being and healthy emotional balance.

Why Would I Choose Active Essentials Premium Probiotic Formula?

The gut is considered the second brain. It’s responsible for your mood, digestion, healing, weight gain, fatigue and inflammation it plays a crucial role on the body. With over 100 million nerve endings, the second brain is interconnected to the 1st brain. It’s actually the second brain that impacts how you feel… by sending your “happy chemicals” (Serotonin and Dopamine) to your 1st brain.

With that, having a healthy balance of bacteria in your gut is key to living an optimal, healthy lifestyle. We formulated Freedom Probiotic as a way to achieve a balanced spectrum of live organisms that naturally colonize the human GI tract. This natural formula contains a powerful blend of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium digestive enzymes to work harmony with the body to support healthy digestive function, help strengthen the intestinal lining and boost the detoxification process. As a result of cleansing your gut and expelling any stored toxins, you’ll likely shed a few of those unwanted pounds and feel a range of positive emotions.

Features and Benefits:

Restore a natural healthy balance of gut bacteria.
Elevated cognitive function.
Uplifted mood, inner-peace and a deeper sense of well-being.
Improved digestion and absorption of food and nutrients.
Boosted immunity and improved inflammation response.

Recommended usage:

As a dietary supplement, adults take 1 capsule daily with a meal.

With Freedom Health Alliance you will only find products that are natural, safe and effective for their intended usages. We source only the finest raw ingredients and take pride in offering you the products we developed for the safety of our families.

Freedom’s Guarantee

Freedom Health Alliance provides exceptional products to the marketplace using ONLY the highest-quality sources, and the results speak for themselves. Shop with confidence with our 60-Day money-back guarantee. We put our hearts and souls into our products, so you’ll have an entire 60 days to try these products out for yourself.

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