Next Generation Active Silver Gel

Active Silver Gel is pH balanced to work directly with the natural flora of the skin. Contains no harmful ingredients, fillers or alcohol.

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SAFEContains no harsh chemicals

NATURALPromotes Natural Healing

EFFECTIVEBurns, Scrapes, Rashes, Itching

The skin is the largest organ of the body which acts as a filter against harmful toxins and bacteria. Active Silver Gel is formulated to work with the natural pH of the skin and is safe for the “most sensitive” areas of the body. Use Active Silver gel on the face, arms, feet, ears, nose and any part of the body where it is needed most. Contains no harmful fillers, dyes, alcohol or other harmful ingredients that could negatively impact the body.


Active Silver Solution is a recent advancement in silver technology that is Alkaline, based on structured water and energized to a specific frequency that does not harm good bacteria. Active Silver Solution is pH balanced to work with the immune system as compared to other colloidal silvers that are acidic.

Active Silver Solution is completely safe. Due to the bonding of the silver to water molecule it cannot come detached. Active Silver passes through the body in approximately 12 hours. Active Silver solution does not require “shake before usage” as the silver molecules always remain in suspension with the water molecules.

The body foundations at its finest in an alkaline state. Active Silver Solution is formulated to be 7.4% alkaline to work in harmony with the body's natural immune system.

Structured water is a reshaping and energizing of the water molecule to create better absorbency in the body. Structuring of the water helps break through biofilms and reach the hard to get to areas of the body where it is needed the most.

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Active Silver Solution does not metabolize or build up in the body. Active Silver Solution does not put additional workload on the immune system. We can say in confidence that there have been no reported side effects ever with Alkaline Structured Silver products.

Many natural Doctors across America use silver in their practices with the people that they see, due to the rich history that silver offers in many areas of natural health.

pH balanced to work in harmony with the skin

Starting with 99.9% pure silver and H302 restructured water, Next Generation Active Silver Gel is specifically designed to stay in place delivering the proper moisture content and is ideal for hands, face, wounds, burns, and even the genital area of the body. Next Generation Active Silver Gel is safe to be used both internally and topically and contains no harmful toxins, alcohol, and is petroleum-free. Next Generation Active Silver Gel is specifically formulated to work in conjunction with the pH of the skin and will not lead to cracking, bleeding, or dryness. As well will leave no irritating residue.

Active Silver Gel goes to work immediately providing exceptional benefits day one:


• Silver exhibits the highest electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity and reflectivity of any natural compound. Usages date back 1000s of years to ancient civilizations realizing that silver had tremendous antimicrobial properties for natural medicine and food storage

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Why Would I Choose Active Silver Gel?

Infused with Active Silver Solution, Active Silver Gel is an all natural gel formulated to work in harmony with the natural pH of the skin.
Active Silver Gel is naturally developed to absorb into the layers of the skin to calm inflammation, swelling, redness and heat that often accompany minor skin wounds, burns and irritations.
Active Silver Gel contains no alcohol or toxic chemicals or fillers..

Features and Benefits:
pH Balanced to work in harmony with the body's natural immune system
Energetically charged to not harm good bacteria
Exceptional for wound care
Contains 30ppm Active Silver
Free of harmful ingredients and preservatives

Recommended usage:
Apply generously to the areas needed the most

With Freedom Health Alliance you will only find products that are natural, safe and effective for their intended usages. We source only the finest raw ingredients and take pride in offering you the products we developed for the safety of our families.

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